Review of the Expedia Reward Card

Oct 12, 2022 By Triston Martin

The Expedia Rewards Credit Card from Citi* (Citi is a Forbes Advisor partner) seems like a solid bargain if you frequently book travel through Expedia. However, when you consider that the points accumulated on this card can only be redeemed through Expedia at a usual rate of 140 points per dollar, the earnings of 3 points for every dollar spent seem less appealing.


For each dollar spent on's flights, pre-paid hotels, activities, and vacation packages, you'll earn three Expedia Rewards points.

Free Expedia Silver status has additional advantages at properties with VIP Access.

No annual fee

Support for electronic wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay without foreign transaction costs

Cons transactions do not always earn extra points. Postpaid hotels and vacation rentals are not included.

One Expedia Point is worth only one cent when used for typical transactions.

Expedia Rewards points are valued at 0.7 cents each.

Restricted options for award redemption

No annual fee

You can earn three bonus Expedia Rewards points for each dollar spent on eligible Expedia purchases, such as vacation packages, accommodations, and activities.

Earn one additional Expedia Rewards point for every $1 spent on other purchases.

Your ability to accrue Expedia Rewards bonus points is unrestricted and remains valid for 18 months after being earned or used.

Expedia Rewards Silver level can be attained for free if you have a card.

Nonexport Business cost of goods purchased.

What it means to live once is redefined by Citi Entertainment. Get rare access to thousands of events each year, including presale tickets and unique opportunities to attend the most popular sporting events, concerts, dining occasions, and more.


Citi offers the Expedia Rewards card, which earns points for the Expedia Rewards programme, in association with For every dollar spent on travel booked through, the card receives three points, giving it free silver status in the Expedia rewards programme. One Expedia Rewards point is awarded for every dollar spent using the card.

Compare other cards to the Citi Expedia Rewards Card.

The Citi Expedia Rewards card earns 3 Expedia Rewards points for every dollar spent on and 1 Expedia Reward point for all other purchases. The points Expedia Rewards members earn for booking travel on or the Expedia mobile app is in addition to these additional points.

Exchange of Prizes

Expedia Rewards can be redeemed at a rate of 140 points for $1 when booking hotels, flights, activities, or vacation packages on If you don't have enough points to pay for the entire booking, you can frequently use them to offset the cost of your trip partially. To purchase flights, a sufficient number of Expedia Rewards points must be available to cover the entire cost of the trip.

Rewards Potential

The majority of the bonus points gained on Expedia-booked travel reservations go toward the reward potential of the Citi Expedia Rewards card. Forbes Advisor uses information from multiple government sources to generate the baseline income and spending averages for all categories. With wage earners, the household in the 70th percentile makes $100,172 a year and spends $3,185 on travel-related costs.

Other Card Benefits

The Citi Expedia Rewards card is a straightforward credit card with no annual fee that provides a few extra perks.

The cardholder has unique access to Citi Entertainment, which offers early-bird tickets and other special opportunities for attending concerts, sporting events, dining out, and other events.

If you experience identity theft, Citi Identity Theft Solutions can help you deal with the issue and get your life back on track.

Contrasting Citi's Expedia Rewards Credit Card With The Citi PremierĀ® Card

If you don't mind paying a little annual fee for a card offering transferable travel points, think about getting the Citi Premier card. You can get the following advantages by paying a $95 annual fee: Every dollar spent at restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, hotels, and airports results in three ThankYou points, while all other eligible transactions result in just one point.

How Well Do You Fit The Card?

Even if not every rewards credit card is the best choice for everyone, it is rare to discover one that is difficult to recommend. That is how the Citibank Expedia Rewards Card is described.

However, many more cards offer comparable or better value, whether you're looking for a card with no annual fee, transferable points, or a basic cash-back card. Travellers who use Expedia to make their reservations receive the most generous point payments from the card.

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